1xBet Affiliate Program: Up To the 40% Profit in the Philippines

1xBet is available in 62 countries and hosts servers for over 700,000 players daily. Imagine you could earn money by inviting new users to this popular platform. That's possible now! Become a participant in the 1xBet affiliate program in the Philippines! Invite people via referral link, and receive real cash each time they deposit money!

Affiliate Program 1xBet Philippines

Affiliate Agreement 

The concept of 1xBet is simple. You register in the program, receive individual links with special tags, and place them on your website or social media. Each time an invited user makes the deposit, you receive real money. However, there are some rules to consider: 

  1. Both the program participants and invited users must be of legal age. 
  2. To earn money, you must ask people through your personal link exclusively. Otherwise, 1xBet won’t be able to track them.
  3. You can use only real information while promoting 1xBet. The usage of outdated promotions or unreal promises is forbidden.
  4. Terms and Conditions may be changed.
  5. You can advertise the site for users from the available countries only. 

Once you’re on board with the rules, there’s nothing left to do but proceed. Apply for the program from the Philippines and start earning! 

Who Is The Program Form?

Do you have a popular social media account or your own website? Then, your chances are high. The program suits the following people:

  • bloggers and influencers, YouTubers; 
  • website owners;
  • public page owners; 
  • admins of the Facebook groups or Twitter accounts; 
  • marketers.

Even if you are not so popular, the ability to find the target audience and attract people is key.

Start Earning In the Philippines: How to Apply?

Upon registering, you receive a number of perks: 

  • ready-made banners for your posts;
  • other advertising materials;
  • support from the manager;
  • personal account with statistics and live tracking.

To apply: 

  1. Visit the website of the Affiliate program. 1xBet has a dedicated website for all partners. 
  2. Create an account. If you already have a profile at 1xBet, it also suits you. 
  3. Join. Apply for the program and wait for approval.
  4. Receive ad materials. You will get a personal link and access to unique banners and texts. Place them on your resources. 
  5. Start earning. Each invited user brings you revenue.
  6. Withdraw your money. 1xBet offers 160 payment methods worldwide and 56 ways for partners from the Philippines particularly.

The program is straightforward and understandable. Just agree to the rules and start your journey.

Commission for the Affiliates 

Each partner receives a 20% commission from the whole revenue, 1xBet, obtained by the invited users within 2 months. During all the following months, you get 15%.

But this is only an initial rule – the more people you invite, your revenue is higher. The maximum commission is 40%.

As for withdrawals, there are some nuances:

  1. You can withdraw the earnings once a week, on Tuesday.
  2. To cash out, you must gain at least $30 (4,600 KES). 
  3. If you earned less, the money will be credited next week.
  4. The maximum payment delay is 30 days. 
  5. If you haven’t invited any users within 3 months, 1xBet can stop the partnership.

Should you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to seek assistance from the support team. Each partner has access to the cat with the manager. Register and start earning today!